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Grape is a company that encourages innovation, self-improvement and happiness. Want to join us?

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Working at Grape?

At Grape, we change the way people communicate while keeping their data private. Grape is the first integrated business messenger of its kind. We connect millions of people, but that does not mean that we are a large scale enterprise. To the contrary, we are a small, dynamic and “half-remote” team of 15 kind and smart people, aiming to build a product that makes work communication frictionless.

Our values

Smart up

We are not machines. This means two things: You deserve a great work-life balance and you shouldn't waste your time with redundant work. We seek to automate, simplify and improve every aspect of our business. Our goal is, to reach a company-wide 4-day work week in 2021.

Own it

We trust our team and their abilities. You care for the big and small picture. When zoomed out, you think about your role in the success of the company and improve your output. When zoomed in, you focus on and take pride in your tasks, no matter if you setup a new process or if you get ice cream for the team.

Clear up

We seek to understand and to be understood. You need to be able to listen and to give feedback in a constructive way. Your team as a whole and your relationships matter. Improving on those is key for success and a workplace you want to come to every day.

A typical day at Grape

  • Some people come in quite early, but we start our core work time at 10 AM (GMT+1 - Vienna Time) with our standup meetings to organise the day.
  • Usually we gather around the coffee machine for our fix (except our CTO Stefan, who prefers water). We have an amazing portafilter espresso machine with excellent beans from around the world.
  • We work in rooms of 2-5 people and go out for side discussions to keep the focus up as much as possible. 
  • Most of us are going out for lunch together (our office is located  or order something to the office. We try to avoid work discussions on our lunch break.
  • Back at the office, it's crunch time and some of the best output happens, once we had a bit of distance from the computers on our lunch breaks.
  • We work at least until 3PM (the early birds fly out earlier) depending on the workload. Sometimes we stick around to chill and chat or we go out together.

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